From the main train station in Bochum, take the subway line U35 to Hustadt, exiting at the stop "Ruhr-Universität". (The ticket you need is "Preisstufe A".) The traveling time from the main train station to the University is about 10 mins. At the subway stop, go up the steps, then to your right. At the end of the bridge, turn left and go down the spiraling stairs. The Building IC is the third large building on the other side of the street with blue balconys, our department is on the 6th floor. In the map, the path from the subway stop to Bldg. IC is shown in blue.


You can drive to the University on the main road named "Universitätsstrasse". Use the exit "Uni-Mitte". Keep on the far right side of the exit and and continue south under the "Mensa" building. At the end of the road turn left under the building, then turn right into the street "N-Südstraße". Continue along this street, then turn left into the "Oststr." and further along turn left again into the "I-Südstrasse". At the barrier, call for help and state the name of the chair or professor you wish to visit. The IC building is the second building on the right, we are on the 6th floor.