Virtual Reality Labor / Virtual Reality Lab


Virtual reality can be defined as the representation of reality and, at the same time, the perception of reality with physical properties computed in real-time within a computer generated interactive virtual environment. In particular, it is important to create a feeling of total immersion. In engineering, Virtual Reality is used in the fields of digital engineering, computational steering and visual analysis.



In the Virtual Reality Laboratory of the Department of Computer Science in Civil Engineering, a so-called VR-Wall is available for stereoscopic display. 3D models and images with depth information can be viewed in a resolution of 2560x1600 pixels on a screen of 3.5 x 2.2 meters. Four projectors are used, which project four overlapping image areas onto a special screen. The stereoscopic representation is based on active shutter glasses, in which an image with a 60 Hz refresh rate is alternately displayed for each eye of the viewer. For interaction with the virtual world, a flystick is used in combination with an optical tracking system, where infrared cameras permanently monitor the flystick position by markers on the flystick so that the user can move freely within the room. Optical tracking systems can also be used for the acquisition of tools and entire human models in order to manipulate them in real time.



Application Examples

Settlements small   PointCloud small   FM-AR

Stereoscopic visualization of time-dependent settlements during tunneling

During mechanized tunnelling projects, there is a tendency for the ground to settle above the excavation site. Depending on the scale of these settlements, severe damages can occur to buildings above the TBM.more... 


Stereoscopic visualization of 3D point clouds

Often, the actual state of a construction or an infrastructure is given as a three-dimensional point cloud.Such a cloud can be conveniently visualized in an immersive VR environment. more...



Augmented Reality-Based Facility Management

The aim of this project is the development of AR-based procedures for the on-site support of building and plant operators in maintenance and repair tasksmore...