The AMSFree project analyses the architecture of Infrastructure Asset Management Systems (IAMSs) used by National Road Authorities (NRAs), as well as the asset information content in current IAMSs in order to establish detailed technical requirements for linking IAMS and Building Information Models (BIMs) as infrastructure asset databases. The exchange information requirements are realizing on the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) model. Extensions to the existing IFC schema are developed as needed. The semantic transformation between different legacy systems is enabled. An appropriate data structure is developed for a specific purpose. For the creation of information containers according to ISO 21597, a framework developed by the Chair of Computing in Engineering RUB is used. Based on the results, the interoperability proof-of-concept is developed. Subsequently, a prototype is developed to enable the linkage between the data in IAMS and the IFC model.

AMSFree. Exchange and exploitation of data from Asset Management Systems using vendor free format

Joint project

CEDR – Conference of European Directors of Roads



Project partners:

  • University of applied Sciences Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Infrastructure Management Consultants, Switzerland
  • Innovative Geotechnical Engineering Solutions, Netherlands