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2021/09/14: Exchange 4D models based on openCDE and ICDD

Felix Cleve presents the paper, co-authored with Lea Höltgen and Philipp Hagedorn, at the 32nd Forum Bauinformatik online conference, September 9-10, 2021.

2021/09/10: The IIB congratulates Ningshuang Zeng on her doctorate

We are pleased to announce that Sofia Ningshuang Zeng successfully passed her disputation on Monday and may now bear the title of Dr.-Ing. after receiving her doctoral certificate.

2021/08/24: An Approach for Cross-Data Querying and Spatial Reasoning of Tunnel Alignments

Procedure for cross-document and geometric-spatial querying for evaluating line alignments in tunneling.
The paper on the topic was presented and published at EC-ICE 2021 ("An Approach for Cross-Data Querying and Spatial Reasoning of Tunnel Alignments", pages 146-155 by Marcel Stepien, André Vonthron and Markus König).  This and other interesting articles can be read in the recently published conference proceedings.

2021/07/27: Best Paper Award of the European Conference on Computing in Construction 2021

The paper entitled: "An ontology integrating as-built information for infrastructure asset management using BIM and semantic web" by Liu Liu, Philipp Hagedorn and Markus König has won the Best Paper Award of the 2021 European Conference on Computing in Construction.

2021/07/05: MBO2BIM - Digitization of the Model Building Code: Preparation for BIM-based inspection tools

A few months ago, a research project for the digitalization of the German building code template (MBO) has been launched together with the City of Hamburg and is funded by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt). Within a BIM-based building permit process the results of the project shall enable the authorities to perform rule-based code compliance checking, as well as enabling the applicants to perform this checking already before submission.

2021/06/28: Building Concrete Monitoring (BCOM) with Liu Liu

Liu Liu has been a research assistant at the chair since March 2020. She studied civil engineering at the Technical University of Cologne. She then went into practice and later studied civil engineering at the RUB in parallel in the master's program. Today she is a member of the projects AMSFREE and BIM4AMS. Furthermore, together with Philipp Hagedorn, she has developed a Building Concrete Monitoring (BCOM) ontology for construction.

2021/06/08: CoolTech: Phillip Schönfelder and the AI computer NVIDIA DGX A100

Research at the Chair of Computer Science in Construction does not only mean to develop new approaches for the construction industry, but also the use of new and advanced technologies. This time the GPU server and the research of Phillip Schönfelder is presented.

2021/06/07: IFC-Tunnel Webinar on June, 29th, 2021 on 16:00 CEST

The chair is part of the Collaborative Research Center 837 (SFB837) entitled “Interaction modeling in mechanized tunneling”. A webinar will be held on June 29th, 2021, which informs about the current status of the buildingSmart International IFC-Tunnel Project.

2021/05/31: First place at the BIMSWARM Hackathon 2021

The winner of this year's hackathon is the team "Die Gebrüder BIM" from the IIB with the project "PIMP MY IFC". Team members are the master students Felix Cleve, Lea Höltgen, Leonie Zimmermann, Malik Müller and Niklas Heyne. Leonie, Malik and Niklas tell us what the hackathon was like this year and what they worked on in an interview.

2021/05/04: "Everyone has their area of expertise" - The "Bridge Inspect" project and the possibilities of bridge inspection with the help of AI

Towards the end of 2020, the research project "Bridge Inspect" of the Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen - BASt for short - started. In addition to the company HOCHTIEF ViCon GmbH, the Chair of Computer Science in Civil Engineering is also a project partner.

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