Jonas Maibaum

M. Sc.
Research Assistant
Room: IC 6/75.77
ORC-ID: 0000-0001-5010-7904

Resource efficient transportation infrastructure networks

Nowadays, transportation infrastructure network are normally planned, built, operated and deconstructed at the municipal level. For that budgeting and sustainability considerations are essential for municipal asset information management (AIM) in order to preserve the often lean public budgets and to meet national climate targets. At the moment there is a lack of standards and regulations and also no explicit managing guideline. Further, satisfying approaches are missing to manage infrastructure networks in the context of the circular economy and considering the complex relationships between materials, methods and measures in infrastructures. Therefore, I am developing a method, which allows to derive recommendations for the sustainable management of a transportation infrastructure network for given boundary conditions and constraints (geometric, semantic, technical and political). To reach this objective I focus on case-based reasoning (CBR) algorithms in combination with sustainable assessment systems. The resulting approach is a decision-support tool to help municipalities managing their infrastructure assets in a resource efficient manner.