Katharina Sigalov

M. Sc.
Research Assistant
Room: IC 6/75.77
Phone: +49 234 32 - 27066
ORC-ID: 0000-0002-3070-0759

Recognition of process patterns for BIM-based construction schedules

Construction planning and scheduling can be a daunting issue that requires careful consideration of numerous constraints and activities. BIM-based construction scheduling, also known as 4D BIM, allows for the linkage of building elements of a 3D model with corresponding construction activities and offers various advantages. However, due to the high complexity and manual creation of 4D models from scratch, the practical implementation of 4D BIM falls short of its full potential. The schedules are characterized by a low level of detail and insufficient formalization and representation of construction knowledge. As a result, it is primarily used for the visualization of construction sequences. Therefore the goal of my research is to support the creation of 4D models through the reuse of process knowledge. This includes the investigation of how the knowledge can be collected and which techniques can be used to recognize process patterns in BIM-based schedules. Detected patterns can be applied to define process templates, facilitating the creation of 4D models.