Sherief Ali

M. Sc.
Research Assistant
Room: IC 6/83.85
Phone: +49 234 32 - 26174

Automating code compliance process using Rule-based regulations

The regulations and standards provide a guideline, which ensures that the building is secure and safe. Code compliance checking is the process of the usage of software tools and technologies to ensure that building designs and construction projects comply with industry standards, building codes, and regulations. The manual process of code compliance is time-consuming and error-prone, that’s why it has gained a lot of attention in the meantime to be fully automated. There have been numerous research studies in the area of code compliance, while there are no fully automated code compliance checks as most of the research is conducted on minor parts of the building code, which are formulated into a machine-readable format. My research proposes a methodology to transform the regulations into machine-readable and interpretable format. To achieve this, the focus is on extracting entities from the regulations, defining rules based on these entities, and then automatically checking the code against these rules. The rules provide interpretation of the regulations, which could help in automating the code compliance process.