As part of the teaching of the Building Information Modeling course, students use Desite in their project work in many different ways in the area of BIM management.

One of them is the simple attribute and collision checking, which can be done rule-based and interactive. Each collision can be exported individually or as a whole as a BCF file. These are then used for further application, e.g.: for troubleshooting in Revit. There is also the function to assign change requests to specific group members.

Furthermore, the students create 4D/5D models or schedules and cost plans. In these areas, the correctness of the respective deadlines can be checked and the construction process simulation can be visualized.
In addition, it is possible to integrate a second specialist or partial models, such as the ventilation system or the shell, using IFC model import.

Desite MD is used in the program version Desite MD 2.8.1 for the exercise and can be used with the available annual license.

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Teaching: BIM course