Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles

In recent years, robotics has made major strides, with drones (UAVs) and robots (bipedal, quadrupedal, and other) finding application in industrial settings and even the consumer market. Autonomous cars have also hit the consumer market, with constant improvements in software and hardware. Applying these new technologies to a construction site promises to revolutionize the field. Drones may be used for progress monitoring on construction site, improving logistics processes. Bipedal robots may perform dangerous jobs, increasing the safety of the workplace. Autonomous or remote-controlled vehicles could improve efficiency across the whole construction-site. But autonomous vehicles can also find application in other parts of a building's lifecycle. For example, drones, quadrupeds and bipeds can be used for routine maintenance and inspection tasks, autonomous or remote controlled. Modern robotics offer many exciting applications for the construction industry, and our research contributes to that future.