Sensoring and Visualization

Developments in recent years have shown that more and more systems with model-based approaches are gaining in importance. In civil engineering, this is in particularly facilitated by the implementation of new methods such as Building Information Modelling (BIM). The main focus is on the delivery of information, by utilizing both geometric and semantic representations. With the advent of BIM new digital tools and processes are now widely in use.

To explore this new digital infrastructure to its full capacity, we develop new visualization and interfacing techniques, leveraging augmented and virtual reality, and consider new approaches for model interactions. Existing databases are improved and expanded upon, by collections of recorded data, for example with the help of laser scanning methods. A large amount of accurate and synchronous data may even allow for the use of robotics on a future construction site or for infrastructure health inspections. Especially artificial intelligence can be a great benefit to these applications. Currently, our main topic of research regarding sensors and visualization in the field of civil engineering can be summarized as following.