Xuling Ye

M. Sc.
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Raum: IC 6/83.85
Tel.: 0234 32 - 26122
ORC-ID: 0000-0001-9857-4288

Blockchain-based smart contract generation and visualization in BIM environment: Technical adoption for secured construction management

Building Information Modeling (BIM) digitally documents and visually displays construction projects’ information throughout the whole lifecycle for construction management. The combination of BIM with blockchain-based smart contracts can enhance traceability, immutability, security, transparency and automation of construction management. However, in the current research, the use of BIM with smart contracts limits to the construction design phase, and the generation of smart contracts from management requirements is neither reliable nor efficient. Furthermore, smart contract execution status is generally invisible to construction project stakeholders, and there are risks of mistakes in programming of smart contracts and faults in decision-making by construction project stakeholders. Therefore, I am proposing a technical solution to digitize the secured construction management using blockchain-based smart contracts in BIM environment for the whole construction lifecycle, focusing on the aspect of smart contract generation and visualization. To do so, I am developing a smart contract generator and a decentralized application (DApp).


  • Youssef, Moayad (2022): A web application on BPMN process visual execution
  • Gesenhues, Patrick (2022): Analyzing the possibilities of visualizing BPMN process execution