Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is quickly becoming prevalent in the construction industry and has the potential to transform entire processes. At the chair, we research novel applications and methods of Augmented Reality in the construction industry, including AR supported maintenance, indoor navigation, and machine learning processes for AR.

The field of maintenance offers many applications for augmented reality. AR devices can display critical data in a non-intrusive and immersive way and allows a maintenance worker to directly interact with the digital twin of a building. Head mounted AR devices keep a worker's hands free. Gestures and voice recognition allow for novel ways of interacting with the digital environment.

To increase the viability of augmented reality in maintenance, the chair combines research in the fields of BIM, robotics, and machine learning. We tackle the problem of indoor navigation with novel localization and mapping algorithms for AR devices, and ensure a harmonic user interaction with our usability research. We research machine learning algorithms to extract semantic information from AR sensors to improve a building's digital twin and to aide maintenance workers with contextual information. This cutting-edge research is continually evolving and could be an essential part in future construction work.