Virtual Reality Labor (VR-Lab)

In the Virtual Reality Laboratory (VR-Lab), methods and concepts for a digital inspection of buildings and planning-oriented tools are created, supported by Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. The core equipment of the VR Lab includes VR and AR glasses, gesture-controlled touch tables and a VR wall. In addition, the laboratory is equipped with a VR treadmill, through which innovative possibilities for movement in VR can be examined. With the help of newly emerging VR technologies, such as the HTC-VIVE or the Hololens, BIM-based approaches are processed immersively and interactively and integrated into research projects. The technological progress of recent memory makes it possible to develop completely new ways of working for a BIM-based way of working in construction. For example, topics such as the virtual planning of barriers for occupational safety, virtual inspection of a tunnel boring machine (TBM) or collaborative and interactive modeling of lines in tunnel construction have already been developed in the context of projects in the VR laboratory. The general activities in the VR-Lab therefore include the preparation of model-based content and the development of interaction methods.