Sherief Ali

Sherief Ali joined our team as a research assistant at the beginning of March. In this interview, he talks about his academic career so far, tells us about his scientific interests in the field of construction informatics and what excites him beyond that.

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Ski-workshop Landschaft

In our chair tradition, all scientific staff members set off together to Hirschegg in Kleinwalsertal, Austria.

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Hakan Bayer

Hakan Bayer is the newest research associate at the chair, he started in December last year. In the following interview, he talks about his previous academic career, his scientific fields of interest and what inspires him.

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Florenz Gruppenbild

Last week, some of our team members traveled to Florence to participate in the doctoral workshop "Digitalization in the Built Environment". This took place within the international PhD exchange program of three universities. Among others, Alessandro Bruttini was involved in the planning of this meeting, who worked with us at the IIB for a few months as part of an exchange and will be back again in 2023.

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The European Conference on Product and Process Modelling 2022 (ECPPM) took place in Trondheim, Norway, from 14-16 September. The conference has been bringing together researchers for 14 years to present the latest advances in information and communication technology in the fields of architecture, engineering, construction and facility management.

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