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Dennis Pawlowski is research assistant at the IIB and has been working on the topic of the use of camera-based methods on construction sites since his master's thesis. As part of the EU project BIM2TWIN, which involves the creation of digital twins of construction sites, Dennis is working on equipment optimization - currently with a very special camera. What makes it so special and what it can be used for, he tells in the interview.

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From August 22 to September 11, 2022, together with the BIMKIT project, we will be providing information in downtown Bochum about the possibilities that artificial intelligence (AI) offers for the construction industry.

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Dennis Schalung Rot

We need your support!
We want to intelligently detect the use of formwork on construction sites using camera-based methods. This requires a large image dataset that depicts formwork elements during transport, assembly and disassembly to develop a detection model for localization using machine learning.
This will enable a comparison between design and execution. But lots of images are needed to train an AI.

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Marcel Disputation

We are pleased to announce that Marcel Neuhausen successfully passed his disputation on Monday. His first examiner Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus König as well as his second examiner Prof. Dr. Christian Koch came to a positive result!

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Philipp In Eindhoven

Our research assistant and PhD student Philipp Hagedorn is currently in Eindhoven for a research stay from April to July. At Eindhoven University of Technology he is working in the Research Group "Information Systems in the Build Environment (ISBE)".

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