Graphs and Semantics

This research field looks at how graph-based approaches and semantic web approaches can be integrated into the BIM methodology to improve graph-based representation of building models from different points of view.
One focus is on the development of a platform for Information containers for linked document delivery (ICDD). Using the Resource Description Framework and other modelling and constraint languages, information and links from buildings can be structured, validated, and semantically persisted in ICDD containers. These containers are also used for the development of standardisation in BIM, by investigation of requirements in process-oriented approaches creating Information Delivery Manuals and modelling guidelines.
Another research approach considers how different building design variants can be compared to show similarities and dependencies within the planning of large construction projects. Furthermore, it is considered whether and how existing domain ontologies can be extended and how data sources can be integrated into the planning with the help of Sematic Web technologies. Additionally, creating new ontology data structures that can be used in BIM-based approaches and linked data methods. Therefore, also the development of tools for processing RDF-based data structures and query language support is considered, such as for converting, reasoning, visualization, or data management.

Examples of ontology developed at the chair (Note: links lead to external websites):