News archive 2022

2022/12/08: Doctoral Workshop in Florence

Last week, some of our team members traveled to Florence to participate in the doctoral workshop "Digitalization in the Built Environment". This took place within the international PhD exchange program of three universities. Among others, Alessandro Bruttini was involved in the planning of this meeting, who worked with us at the IIB for a few months as part of an exchange and will be back again in 2023.

2022/09/26: The IIB at the ECPPM in Trondheim, Norway

The European Conference on Product and Process Modelling 2022 (ECPPM) took place in Trondheim, Norway, from 14-16 September. The conference has been bringing together researchers for 14 years to present the latest advances in information and communication technology in the fields of architecture, engineering, construction and facility management.

2022/09/19: Prof. Heinrich Werner Best Paper Award won at the Forum Bauinformatik

From 7 to 9 September, several students and research assistants presented their papers at the Forum Bauinformatik, which took place in Munich at the Leonhard Obermeyer Center (TUM). The forum is especially aimed at young researchers and students.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the paper:
„Integration of BIM and Industry 4.0 - approach for rapid deployment of digital twins for modular construction” by Jan Heinbach, Bennet Hülsmann and Simon Kosse was awarded with the Prof. Heinrich Werner Best Paper Award!
Congratulations, we are very happy for you!

2022/09/19: Congratulations on your doctorate Olga Golovina!

We are pleased to announce that Olga Golovina successfully passed her disputation on Monday. Her first examiner Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus König as well as her second examiner Prof. Dr. Carl T. Haas came to a positive result!

2022/08/29: Charles M. Eastman Top PhD Paper Award of the 39th CIB W078 conference


The paper titled: "Multi-requirements ontology engineering for automated processing of document-based building codes to linked building data properties" has won the Charles M. Eastman Top PhD Paper Award of the 39th CIB W078 conference.

2022/08/29: Level Up: Philippe Piras with his bachelor thesis "Best Practice: Scanning and Modeling for Civil Engineering Structures in Infrastructure Construction"

On our new format "Level UP“, we would like to present particularly good and exciting final theses of our students, and thus offer a stage to their good achievements.

Our first final year student is Philippe Piras. He is a student assistant at our chair and recently finished his bachelor thesis with Benedikt Faltin and Prof. Markus König his bachelor thesis on the topic: " Best Practice: Scanning and Modeling for Civil Engineering Structures in Infrastructure Construction".

2022/08/18: Study Project: "Spot Route Planning with Python"

According to the curriculum, a project module is scheduled in both the Bachelor's and the Master's program of the Applied Computer Science - this summer semester it was that time again. Under the project supervisor Patrick Herbers from the IIB, the three bachelor students Simon Spettmann, Banujan Baskaran and Erim Caliskan as well as the master student Ali Nematkhah worked for three months on their study project "Spot Route Planning with Python". What exactly was involved and how the project went, they tell in the interview.

2022/08/10: CoolTech: Using camera-based methods on construction sites

Dennis Pawlowski is research assistant at the IIB and has been working on the topic of the use of camera-based methods on construction sites since his master's thesis. As part of the EU project BIM2TWIN, which involves the creation of digital twins of construction sites, Dennis is working on equipment optimization - currently with a very special camera. What makes it so special and what it can be used for, he tells in the interview.

2022/08/04: TransferLab „Artificial Intelligence in Construction"

From August 22 to September 11, 2022, together with the BIMKIT project, we will be providing information in downtown Bochum about the possibilities that artificial intelligence (AI) offers for the construction industry.

2022/06/07: Call: "Dataset creation for the detection of formwork on construction sites"

We need your support!
We want to intelligently detect the use of formwork on construction sites using camera-based methods. This requires a large image dataset that depicts formwork elements during transport, assembly and disassembly to develop a detection model for localization using machine learning.
This will enable a comparison between design and execution. But lots of images are needed to train an AI.

2022/05/27: Congratulations on your doctorate Marcel Neuhausen!

We are pleased to announce that Marcel Neuhausen successfully passed his disputation on Monday. His first examiner Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus König as well as his second examiner Prof. Dr. Christian Koch came to a positive result!

2022/05/19: Visiting PhD with Philipp Hagedorn

Our research assistant and PhD student Philipp Hagedorn is currently in Eindhoven for a research stay from April to July. At Eindhoven University of Technology he is working in the Research Group "Information Systems in the Build Environment (ISBE)".

2022/04/28: Data acquisition: Bridges in Muenster

With the help of a laser scanner, we recently measured some bridges in Münster. During the exchange of experiences on site, representatives of the city of Münster and partners from the RekoTi project were present at times. The technical survey was carried out by Paul Hanswillemenke and Philippe Piras. Both are student employees at the IIB. They talk about their experiences in the interview.

2022/04/28: Video and report on the first BIM-based building permit

With the introduction of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Germany, more and more construction projects are being planned and executed with the help of three-dimensional, digital building models. This also includes the use of digital processes for handling administrative procedures under building planning and building regulations law. The potential of a BIM-based building permit was recognised at an early stage by the City of Dortmund, the NRW state government and by |DA| Drahtler Architekten and the company Louis Opländer Heizungs- und Klimatechnik GmbH and transferred to the joint research project on the BIM-based building application. The report on the first BIM-based building permit in NRW and the video on the BIM-based building application have now been published.

2022/04/04: Welcome to the team Jonas Maibaum

Jonas Maibaum has been a new research assistant at our department since 15 March. In this interview, he tells us what he has been working on so far, what his research focus is and what excites him.

2022/03/31: Farewell to Karlheinz Lehner

Today, our highly esteemed colleague Karlheinz Lehner is leaving us for his well-deserved retirement after 34 years.

2022/03/29: Checked with AI - new ways of capturing buildings

At the BIM-Wintermeeting of the Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Planen und Bauen, Angelina Aziz conveyed the possibilities that artificial intelligence offers for as-built recording.

2022/03/07: What does Sonja Pohlmann do?

We have had Sonja Pohlmann on our team since March 2021 as an employee for knowledge and technology transfer. After completing her master‘s degree in English and German philology with a focus on communication and cultural studies, she worked for the University of Duisburg Essen in coordinating language courses and for the student association German Academic Field Service on a project for quality assurance at universities in West Africa. Today she actively supports us in various projects. In the interview, she gives an insight into herself and her work.

2022/02/15: Visit of the RUB Makerspace

Recently, some from our department visited the RUB Makerspace and got a guided tour. The Makerspace has its rooms in the O-Werk, the old main headquarters of Opel, in Bochum and is in the final preparations of construction.

2022/02/07: What does Dennis Pawlowski do?

Since March 2020, Dennis Pawlowski has been working as a research assistant at our chair, where he has also previously worked as a student assistant.

2022/01/26: RUBy's first field operation: stocktaking in Berlin

On 12.01 some employees together with RUBy went to Berlin. The destination was the former headquarters of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, as the building is currently being renovated under the supervision of BIMA (Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben). This offers the perfect opportunity to capture the condition of a building under renovation.